Independently Powered is a site focused on providing information and guides related to energy and self-reliance. I discuss the different ways of providing power to homes, appliances, and vehicles without requiring a dedicated source. Utilizing various forms of energy such as propane and solar, individuals can be self-sufficient for lengths of time when a direct energy supply may not be available.

This website was started with the hopes of increasing the knowledge and availability of information to individuals who utilize these various energy sources. Independently Powered should only be used as a source of information, and you should always check with local government authorities about local laws and regulations specific to your situation.

About Dan Campbell

Dan CampbellHey, my name’s Daniel and I’m a big self-sufficiency and off grid enthusiast. I started Independently Powered as a side project to discuss the options available for those who are trying to live more self-sufficiently. Whether that’s folk who are homesteading, living the RV life, or just want less reliance on their local power grid. When I created the website it was to share some of my experience on the subject, but has since grown to a place for me to research and learn more about off-grid systems and practical information. I found when researching certain topics, I would find an array of answers or information without citations, and realized I could compile some of the information I found into a more friendly and complete answer for others researching similar topics. I try my best to include any sources used for data and clearly state where my information is coming from.

Most of my experience working with off-the-grid systems comes from helping a dear friend build a yurt for him to live in on his large hillside property. Together we built out a solar array that powers his daily life, started a small greenhouse with composting, built an outhouse (that has its own solar panels to power a small fan!), and wired his whole home to run on a few batteries.

It was a great learning process and experience overall. From it, I know there are many questions involved and unknowns about becoming self-sufficient, and I hope to be able to address some of those with this site.

The project changed many times over the course of a few years and had to be reworked multiple times due to oversights and mistakes, but it eventually got completed. My goal is to help you make fewer mistakes than I did and get your project right the first time, saving you time and money.

Besides writing about off grid living and power solutions, I enjoy cycling, spending time with my family, cooking, thrifting, and hiking / camping in the mountains. If you have any questions always feel free to reach out to me, I would be happy to answer any questions you have! – Dan